Our Mission

Through a wide variety of programs - classes, symposia, conferences, events, newsletters, websites, and presentations – we educate and advocate for safe places to bike and walk. Our goal is a seamless network of sidewalks, bike paths, and bike lanes that will encourage “everyone to bike or walk everywhere.”

We believe that:

  • A bicycle and walking friendly community is one which provides for safe, convenient, and enjoyable active transportation for all ages and abilities. 

  • Both bicycling and walking are good for our health, our environment, our wallet, and our sense of well-being.  

  • The quality of life of all citizens is enhanced when no matter where we live, we can choose whether to bike, walk, take public transportation, or drive as we go about daily living. 

BikeWalk Williamsburg is not a membership organization. We carry out our programs with a dedicated group of volunteers and involved citizens who passionately share our Mission.